This pool automatically mines the most profitable scrypt coin, automatically exchanges those coins for bitcoins, and pays out entirely in bitcoins.

There is no registration. Simply connect your scrypt miner to middlecoin.com:3333 with your bitcoin address as your username, and any password. Payouts are automatic, and occur once a day, if your balance is greater than 0.01 BTC or if you haven't been paid out in 7 days and your balance is greater than 0.001 BTC.


My fee is 3%. The exchanges' fees vary, but are generally around 0.4% including the withdraw fees. So the total fees are usually 3.388%


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cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://middlecoin.com:3333 -u <your bitcoin address> -p x

middlecoin.com will point you to the closest server to you, but it's not always perfect. If you want to connect to a specific server or set backup pools, here is a list of the servers:

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Username Accepted MH/s (Last Hour) Rejected MH/s (Last Hour) Immature Unexchanged Balance (estimated BTC) Unexchanged Balance (estimated BTC) Balance (BTC) Paid Out (BTC)
Total 1397.9895 38.8299 0.16710185 8.51922062 59.80961970 19624.82980329
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