Do you pay miners for transaction fees included in blocks?


Do you charge miners a transaction fee when they are paid?


Which currency are you currently mining?

I can't make that information public, because it would increase the network hashrate of that currency, increasing the difficulty and orphans, lowering our profits. But rest assured that my profitability calculator is advanced, accurate, and up to date.

What currencies do you mine?

I can't make that information public either. But I consistently check the profitability of coins that are put on exchanges. So the basic answer is "the most profitable ones".

When do I get paid?

Payouts happen once a day at 2:30 AM UTC. If your balance is above 0.01 BTC or if your balance is above 0.001 and it's been 7 days since your last payout then you will get paid.

What is the unexchanged balance?

This is your balance of coins other than bitcoins. My auto-exchanger will convert them into bitcoins, usually within a day.

What is the immature unexchanged balance?

This is your balance obtained from blocks that have not yet reached maturity, and are therefore possible orphans. After a designated number of blocks, you will be credited these coins, and they will go under your "unexchanged balance" column. Some coins take longer than others to mature. For example, NovaCoin takes three days.

How many exchanges do you use?

I have four exchanges automated, and I occasionally manually trade at a couple others.

Do you use a variable difficulty?

No. The difficulty is static at 512. This reduces my server load.

Does having a difficulty as high as 512 reduce my profits?

No. The only downside is that it increases your very short-term variance since you'll only find a share every minute or so on a 1 MH/s rig. There is misinformation on the bitcoin forum stating that a high difficulty reduces your profit if you have a slow GPU. This is untrue. It has no influence on your profit.

I made a typo in my username. Can you move my balance in that account to my real address?

Yeah, give me a message on bitcointalk, or email me.

Is there a middlecoin IRC channel?

#middlecoin on FreeNode.

Is there an API

www.middlecoin.com/json. www.middlecoin.com/reports/ADDRESS.json for individual payout reports, and possibly individual hashrate stats in the future. The variable totalMegahashesPerSecond is misleading, and actually represents the accepted hashrate, not the total.

How often does the webpage update?

About every 5-10 minutes. It can get much longer sometimes, when the database server is under stress. The json API is updated at the same time as the webpage.

Any tips for cgminer configuration?

Don't use --no-submit-stale. Stale shares caused by coin switches are actually paid.

Your website frontend is lacking. Where can I see some better info?

People have made third party websites to help. Here is a list of some: